Event has passed.  SEE YOU next year!

Event has passed.

SEE YOU next year!



This second-annual internal case competition will be a blast! The competition will require 1st and 2nd year students, and 3rd and 4th year students, to work in teams of three.

Each team will perform an intensive analysis of a Marketing problem within a sample organization, develop a recommended strategy, and provide an implementation plan.

They will then present their solution to a panel of professionals, professors and sponsors.

This is a very valuable opportunity for strong candidates to work on developing valuable presentation skills and realistic solutions to Marketing issues while meeting potential employers.

We plan on partnering with other Telfer clubs, such as the Telfer Human Resources Association, the Telfer Accounting Club, and Telfer International, for an all- inclusive case competition. 

 Thank you to all for coming.  See you next year!

Thank you to all for coming.

See you next year!

Mad marketing


Touted as one of the best speaker events at the Telfer School of Management, this is an occasion for students to get a unique glimpse at the varied career opportunities in the marketing world.

The evening will begin with a Fireside Chat by speakers with remarkable experience in the field. Afterwards, sessions of “speed networking” will occur where students are given the opportunity to engage in discussions with various employers.

Branding, marketing strategy and social media are a few of the many topics that will be addressed at this unique event.