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10 Tips For Marketing Your Startup To College Students

Do you have a startup or want to make a startup at University? Take advantage of your environment to get the word out! Here are 10 useful tips that will help you do just that.


5 tips for turning your passion into a successful business

What if we tell you doing what you love while being your own boss is easier than you think, would you believe us? If not, this article will convince you by sharing the experience of someone just like you who turned his passion into a successful business!


5 Practical time-management tips for freelancer‍‍‍s with no time

Are you freelancing while at University? Studying and shipping finished products to your clients at the same time can be a ‍‍‍hard thing to do! This article teaches you how to manage your time with 5 simple tips.


Exam Preparation: Ten Study Tips

Nervous for exams? Looking for new ways to study? Don't worry, here are a few tips that could help you.


5 Professional Development Tips For College Students

As a college student, your number one priority is to learn. However, your learning is not, and should not only be, located in the classroom. This article will give you tips on how to LEARN FROM EVERY EXPERIENCE! 


9 Things to do at University to get a Graduate Job

Give yourself the best chance of success! This article will give suggestions of things you can do outside of the classroom during your time at university that will help you secure the dream grad job. Check it out!


Personal Branding 101

"Developing a personal brand is similar to product branding. The overall goal with branding is to differentiate yourself (the product) in the market so you can attain your objectives, be those landing your dream job or becoming a famous singer."

Learn how to create your personal brand!



First week of university and not sure if you should get involved? This article might convince you! Read it & check out what we offer. It's the best time to start getting involved!

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Six Reasons to Participate in Student Competitions

This article presents to you why you should be participating in student competitions, just like some of our events! Check it out and it might convince you to participate this year :)


The benefits of work experience

Why should you do CO-OP or work in your field during the summer? This article will help you understand why work experience is important.


The Importance of Marketing: 10 Reasons You Can’t Afford Not to Market Your Business

Marketing Student? This article might be for businesses, but it will show you 10 reasons why you are very important in the business world. 



Ever wondered why you should be going to networking events like Mad Marketing? This article will convince you by emphasizing on the importance of networking.


How students and young entrepreneurs can start their own business while at university

Do you have an idea? Are you worried about starting a business during university? This article might convince you to be a student entrepreneur - check it out!


20 Things Every Graduating Marketing Student Needs to Know

Want to be prepared for the real world?Here's a list of 20 things, under the umbrella of five key categories, of what you actually need to know before entering the professional marketing world. 


How to Present Marketing Skills to Employers

What skills are marketing employers looking for? In this article, you will learn about rhe key skills marketing firms are looking for.

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Top three mistakes students make in their summer jobs

Check out the three mistakes students make when they're working in a part-time job. You'll see, it's not what you think! Don't make those mistakes.


Heading for an interview? These are the attributes employers look for

The Economic Times made a great article about the skills that are the most sought-after among employers. Check them out and stand out in your next interview!


The Importance of Marketing for the Success of a Business

Kristie Lorette, with a Master in Business Administration, tells us why Marketing is important for a business. Read what she has to say in this article!


Extra-Curricular Activities – Why Are They Important on a Resume?

Another great post about extra-curricular activities. For recent graduates with little or no work experience, extra-curricular activities can demonstrate important transferable skills that are highly valuable in the work place. Make your resume look better, check out this article!


Graduate careers: six ways to get a job after university

Experts say : "Pick a job that interests you, connect with recruiters on social media and remember it's OK not to know what you want to do". Find out the details with this great article.


3 Ways New Marketing Grads Can Set Themselves Up for Success

Scott Anderson, a Marketing expert, explains the top three opportunities for career advancement in Marketing. Check them out and stand out from the crowd!


Top 5 extra-curricular activities to improve your CV

"Looking for your first job can be difficult... ...as everyone knows the dreaded cliché “you can’t get a job without experience, can’t get experience without a job”. But fear not! There are ways of bulking up your CV with some great experience to make you as employable as can possibly be…without yet being employed.

2 ways to create a 1-line elevator pitch (that'll make people want to keep talking to you)

"When you're talking about yourself, you're introducing your brand to the world. If you say what everyone else does —‍‍‍ only changing the fill-in-the-blanks — you're forgettable. You have to amp up your individuality in order to be heard."

How To Communicate Like A Confident Leader

In the business world, we are often in situations where we need to act as leaders. The way we communicate has a big impact on the results we're going to have. A confident action communicates a positive message, and a good leader knows that. Find out how to communicate like a confident leader with this great article!

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