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Jonathan Cheng & Maria Libenson, October 21 2021

Connecting with Major Corporations Made Easy - Recapping TMA's 2021 Speaker Series

For the second year in a row, TMA hosted their Speaker Series, a group of presentations where employees and executives of various companies spread their knowledge and expertise with students from all over Telfer. Again, we’re happy to say that it was a smashing success! We would like to extend a huge thank you to the Telfer Career Centre and Jerani Sivayogan, who helped to moderate and connect our executives to the speakers from each corporation. Finally, we are so thankful for Salesforce, L’Oréal, Reddit and P&G for helping us to connect our member base with amazing knowledge that cannot be found anywhere else on campus. Let’s recap the past two awesome weeks!

September 21 - Salesforce

Our debut session was with Salesforce, one of the biggest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service providers in the world. It was moderated by Aiden Coyle, one of TMA’s External Directors. Hosted by Sean Callahan-Dinish, Amado Lozano and Payton Cron, participants got the extremely fortunate experience of learning about Salesforce's culture, the growth opportunities within the organization and shared insights about the company’s business development associate role. We would like to extend a large thank you to each of them for the great energy and insights that permeated all throughout the presentation. What a great opportunity to be able to learn about the ins and outs of such a large and growing company like Salesforce!

October 5 - L’Oréal

Next up was a presentation from none other than L’Oréal, the world’s largest cosmetics company! This time, our Co-President, Cameron Montague, had the chance to moderate. We would absolutely love to thank Kristian Cerantola, Eric Lee and Jérémy Choquette for a great night and for sharing with each participant information about L’Oréal’s culture as well as Brandstorm, L’Oréal’s very own innovation competition for students around the world. Our esteemed hosts also touched on L’Oréal’s vision, three pillars and the various career growth opportunities within the organization. It was an amazing opportunity to explore the marketing through the eyes of a company that has successfully marketed to consumers all over the world!

October 7 - Reddit

Our third presentation on the docket was moderated by Julie Beausoleil, VP of Events at TMA. We were so amazed to have the chance to speak with Reddit, the social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Presenting to participants was Daryo Cummins, Senior Client Partner at Reddit and an alumnus of Telfer. We would love to send a large thank you from all of us at TMA for taking the time to speak about being an international student in the United States and in Thailand, to being involved in Telfer clubs, as well as discussing how recent graduates can navigate their career and gain experience before transitioning to an agency, a publisher, and even a brand.  It was a great time to be able to discuss future ambitions along with learning about the path towards working with a large company like Reddit!

October 12 - P&G

Lastly, our finale was moderated by Jonathan Cheng, TMA’s VP Internal, and was with the great Procter & Gamble (P&G), the multinational consumer goods corporation that is behind all of our favourite brands like Tide or Oral-B! Presenting to participants was Brad Marshman, a Sales Director managing  the Costco Household Needs at P&G who himself is an alumnus of Telfer’s MBA program. In a lively and interactive session, Brad described his professional journey from his undergrad to his MBA, the various roles he's occupied at Procter & Gamble as well as his insights about designing and marketing certain products based on consumer behaviour. Lastly, he also discussed his perspectives on the opportunities and challenges faced when bringing a product to market with large retailers. TMA would like to send a big thank you to Brad for providing great energy along with unique and interesting information for the second year running!

Once again, TMA wants to send a cheerful thank you to everyone who allowed our club to put on these great sessions! Following this, feel free to become a member and follow us on our Instagram and LinkedIn accounts for the latest updates on upcoming events! While you’re at it, keep an eye out for Pitch Your Brand, our flagship Case Competition, which is arriving early November! See you then!

Written by

Jonathan Cheng & Maria Libenson

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