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Inside TMA's Mad Marketing Event

Jasmine Renaud, February 13 2024

Have you ever experienced the thrill of speed dating? Well, imagine that, but with career opportunities instead of romantic interests. That's exactly what went down at TMA's Mad Marketing Event. Let's dive into the details of this great experience. As 6 pm rolled around on January 31st at 3 Brewers, participants either flew solo or teamed up...

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Introducing Our First-Year Representatives

Jasmine Renaud, December 5 2023

We're absolutely thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our team: Gigi, Alessia and Zenhan, our first- year representatives! We are so lucky to have these talented young women be apart of TMA. Now, let's get to know them a little bit better... Once again, we're very excited to have them on board and can't wait to see how they thrive and...

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Toronto Trip : A Memorable Adventure

Jasmine Renaud, November 21 2023

Once again, TMA members embarked on an exciting journey, diving headfirst into the heart of Toronto. The Toronto trip—a yearly ritual for us—was more than an excursion; it was an exploration of the industry insights and networking opportunities. Join us as we rewind the tape to relive the moments that made this trip an unforgettable chapter in...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Become a First-Year Rep for TMA

Jasmine Renaud, September 16 2023

Are you a first-year student with a passion for marketing and a drive to make a difference? Look no further! Let’s explore three remarkable reasons why becoming a first-year representative for the Telfer Marketing Association (TMA) is the game-changing opportunity you’ve been waiting

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Meet Your First-Year Reps!

Telfer MarketingAssociation, January 12 2023

This year's 2022-2023 First Year Reps are Sophie Ball and Paige Eshie. On behalf of TMA, we are so excited to have such qualified and experienced ladies join our team! Here is a little more about your reps... As Sophie and Paige join us in our first normal year since COVID, we will document their journey as our newest reps. We are so happy to...

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Networking The Virtual Way - A Recap of Mad Marketing 2022

Jonathan Cheng, Maria Libenson & Megan Thompson, February 3 2022

Welcome back! The TMA team hopes everyone had a great winter break and a happy new year. To kick off the year, we hosted our flagship networking event, Mad Marketing! Here’s to everyone who helped make the event a smashing success! Our team at TMA would love to thank all of the wonderful companies that made this whole thing possible. This amazing l...

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Road-Tripping with RVezy - A Recap of Pitch Your Brand 2021

Jonathan Cheng, Maria Libenson & Megan Thompson, December 6 2021

From the 5th to the 6th of November, students had the opportunity to sharpen their creativity, problem solving skills, and passion for marketing through a fully virtual case competition with our wonderful sponsor RVezy! This year, participants were tasked with creating a marketing strategy to attract new US owners to list their RV’s on RVezy all wi...

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Connecting with Major Corporations Made Easy - Recapping TMA's 2021 Speaker Series

Jonathan Cheng & Maria Libenson, October 21 2021

For the second year in a row, TMA hosted their Speaker Series, a group of presentations where employees and executives of various companies spread their knowledge and expertise with students from all over Telfer. Again, we’re happy to say that it was a smashing success! We would like to extend a huge thank you to the Telfer Career Centre and Jerani...

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First Year Rep FOMO? Here's What You Are Missing

Jonathan Cheng & Maria Libenson, September 18 2021

As we begin the new school year with new faces and a new direction, we thought it would be a great opportunity to look back at the amazing contributions of our previous First Year Representatives, Alex and Bashira.  Both were incredible and we were so lucky that they chose to join our journey last year.  In doing so, they had the unique experience...

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TMA's January Recap

Kayla Szymczuk, February 1 2021

Welcome back!  The TMA team hopes that you all have had a fantastic winter break and a happy new year. The new year has already flown by quickly, and with that comes a new semester and our preparations for the return of our flagship networking event, Mad Marketing! TMA Giveaway Welcome back!  The TMA team hopes that you all have had a fantastic win...

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