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Jonathan Cheng & Maria Libenson, September 18 2021

First Year Rep FOMO? Here's What You Are Missing

As we begin the new school year with new faces and a new direction, we thought it would be a great opportunity to look back at the amazing contributions of our previous First Year Representatives, Alex and Bashira.  Both were incredible and we were so lucky that they chose to join our journey last year.  In doing so, they had the unique experience of managing both their school and club responsibilities during the pandemic, and we felt that this was something that should be shared with any person, first year student or not.  We are so thankful that they took some time out of their busy schedules to answer our questions!  Let’s check them out.

What general tasks did you do throughout the year? Was it what you expected?  If not, what did you think was going to happen?

Alex: At the start of the year, the areas that needed the most help were given to us and we picked where we thought we could help out the most!  As one of the First Year Representatives, I got to shadow and work with our Events team.  Also, I was able to help run and set up our virtual event platform, Hopin, as well as assisting the events team with all sorts of event preparation.
Bashira: Throughout the year, I helped to manage TMA’s Instagram account.  I thought of, created, and drafted posts with the support and guidance of the Marketing team.  I did not expect to manage the Instagram account; however, that is because I was not sure what to expect.  I went into TMA not knowing much about what a First Year Representative did.

How did your involvement in TMA during the height of COVID-19 impact your overall university experience and general motivation?

Alex: TMA allowed me to connect with some upper year students and made me feel more at home and comfortable at Telfer right away without even being on campus.  It was great to be able to build these connections! 
Bashira: My involvement with TMA helped me meet awesome people and made me feel like I was contributing to the school.  With classes being online during COVID-19, TMA really helped make my first year experience feel more real.

Looking back, what changes would you have done differently to better your experiences as a FYR?

Alex: If I could do it again, I’d try and shadow more teams and people!  The TMA team is super encouraging and I wish I asked for more responsibilities.
Bashira: Looking back, I probably would have tried to do a variety of things.  Since I mainly managed TMA’s Instagram account, I didn’t get to ‘put on many hats’.  So, my experience was limited to only one part of the team (although I still enjoyed my experience).

Why did you choose to apply to be a TMA FYR in the first place?  What interested you?

Alex: Although I am an Accounting student, I do have a strong interest in Marketing and creating professional connections with students.  I really liked the team’s vibe from the moment I interviewed and that really drew me to accept the position and join TMA.
Bashira: The thing that interested me about being a FYR for TMA was the fact that my option is in Marketing (I’m studying commerce).  Ever since I knew I was coming to uOttawa, I started to explore what clubs and activities the school has to offer.  I wanted to learn more about Marketing; thus, TMA peaked my interest.

Another large thank you to Alex and Bashira for their wonderful insight!  If this was interesting to you, why not join TMA yourself?  Our First Year Representative applications open on September 20th, so be sure to follow our social media and website to #markyourmark!

Written by

Jonathan Cheng & Maria Libenson

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